icy -.-

well yesterday we had snow 🙂 hooray except it isn’t because now everything is just ice, ice and yet again more ice. its ridiculous and there is always those idiots who think its funny to chuck ice at people, well it isn’t. I just find it stupid that people are slipping sliding everywhere and then BAM and ice-ball to the face and people get cheap laughs. It is always the boys who think they are cool but they aren’t  everyone just thinks that you are twats, but the ice isn’t all bad coz it’s always funny when ur friend slips and there books go everywhere. This may be random because it probably is but I don’t care because i can do it, well anyway I was with my friend earlier and we tried making snow angels but I couldn’t get past the icy top -.- not cool. I have also found a lovely new drink called vanilla tea which i have a steady supply of it from my good friend Fiona. I know that people aren’t probably reading this but it’s fun anyway, so if you are there or not, have a good day and carpe diem.


2 comments on “icy -.-

  1. forgot to mention go to Digixav for all your tech needs it is an amazing website 🙂

  2. Iceball in the face. Tis good.

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